The Berlin Project

The Berlin Project

The Transition Radio EP

Orange Peal

Is it poppy-punk or punky-pop? Either way, on this release, The Berlin Project churns out music that both fits and breaks that decidedly vague category. The opening track, “Crashing Down,” has enough hooks and panache to warrant some serious radio play (barring the fact that the lead singer sounds a bit like a young Jello Biafra after partaking of some helium). Yet that fact only endears this band to me more, because lurking in this excellent single is the evidence of talent and reach that has escaped much of their radio friendly peers. On the track “Stay Gold,” this is much more evident, with a flourish of Moog before the singer reaches the crescendo/chorus and a much-needed break before the song regains its breakneck speed. By the time the fifth track, “Aberdeen 3:06,” rolls around, it is clear that this band has greater vision and reach than many of their contemporaries satisfied with the power pop category. Alternating between both lead singers and an acoustic guitar, this track has more heart in it than 100 of your Blink-182s. If you are looking for some music that combines energy and emotion, then look no further.

Orange Peal Records, PO Box 15207, Fremont, CA 94539; • The Berlin Project, 109 Clearview Ct., Irwin, PA 15642;

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