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I thought that Americans had some weird band names, but if my Spanish/English dictionary is telling me the truth, “Estopa” actually means “burlap” — that one has got to take the cake! Featured in the September issue of Teen People magazine (uh, yeah) as one of the most loved groups among teenagers of Madrid, Spain, Estopa has taken their home country by storm, outselling even The Beatles’ 1. The strange thing is that even though you can’t understand a thing they’re saying (unless, of course, you speak Spanish), it’s really cool music. It’s been said before that music can bridge all gaps and speak all languages, and this CD proves that completely! Most of the songs seem to deal with normal issues: loves, loves lost, inner troubles and musings, and the occasional song of anger and resentment. If you’re into world music, especially that of the Spanish nature, Estopa is perfect. It’s a light example of one aspect of Spanish music, and no matter what, it’s definitely not Limp Bizkit. If you’re sick of hamburgers, why not try paella?

BMG Music Spain, 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10056;,

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