Son, Ambulance

Son, Ambulance


Saddle Creek

If you caught the split release from this band and Bright Eyes earlier this year, you’ll be able to pick up where those Son, Ambulance songs left off. Superb songs that play with melody and rhythm effortlessly, leaving you satisfied and relaxed and ready for more. Moving from laid back and slightly melancholy piano-touched tunes to the upbeat ride of rock, these songs move. Sometimes pulling out a quirky Death Cab For Cutie feel, that West Coast indie sound, Son, Ambulance stays on an original pathway that combines the catchy pop of The Prom with the subtleties of Belle And Sebastian, and that’s stretching it. Sometimes it’s just easier to find a band to compare a sound with, sometimes it’s better to listen.

Saddle Creek, PO Box 8554, Omaha, NE 68108,

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