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The Chemical Brothers

It Began in Afrika


Once again, it’s on. The brothers Chemical have slipped this teaser through the cracks in order to buy time to finish their anticipated follow-up to 1999’s Surrender. Tracing the ancestry of modern beats back to where it truly originated, the duo of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons utilize a building percussive onslaught with a baritone-voiced sample to accompany their trademark acidic melodies. There isn’t a Noel Gallagher or Beth Orton to be found on this energized track, just the pair, their gear, and the repetitive voice blurting the song’s namesake over and over. But then again, that is all that’s necessary to get this party started, and it does so successfully. The real treat, though, is the B-side “Hot Acid Rhythm 1” which lives up to its title, outshines the single, and proves the brothers are their best when they do it alone. Now bring on the full-length, boys.

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