John Acquaviva

John Acquaviva

Mainhatten Sound


Whenever I•ve seen John Acquaviva•s name mentioned in any magazine, it•s always tied to his work with Richie Hawtin, a.k.a. Plastikman. Yes, they conspire to maintain the underrated M-nus label and promote the Final Scratch mixing technology together, but Acquaviva•s had more than enough experience in DJ culture to have his own spotlight. Here on another great mix from Shadow, Acquaviva bridges the gap between current house music and its 80•s foundations. Sure, repetition abounds, but I have rarely ever had so much fun listening. This is what they should be playing in all these hipster bars in Manhattan and the world over instead of vacuous trance or pop drivel. Ian Pooley and Porter Ricks are perfect compliments to Acquaviva•s tastes, and they along with many other respected house heads pop up on Mainhatten, a record suitable for most scenarios in our daily routine.

Shadow Records, 26 West 17th Street #502, New York, NY 10011;

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