The Four Corners

The Four Corners

Say You’re a Scream


The Four Corners let you have it both ways — mono AND stereo. The fifteen songs that make up this album are presented twice, first in genuine retro monaural glory, then in a more sophisticated binaural version. Quite a fitting ploy for The Four Corners, who have mighty powerful old school elements — I’m talking British Invasion here — but temper them with some newish ideas and approaches. A swinging rhythm section, rolling organ riffing, and cool, calm and collected female vocals add up to some definite moments, like “The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.” and “Destination: Danger,” the latter a sort of dreamy brand of fuzz chiffon. Other surprises include the happening covers of “Long Tall Shorty” (made popular by The Kinks) and The Stooges “No Fun.” I beg to differ: LOADS of fun.

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