While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping

The Bad Luck Issue [Issue #13]


Before I get too deep into the content, let me say that this is worth tracking down if only for the cover — Mitch O’Connell’s homage to Paul Reubens and Pee Wee Herman is classic… if only it didn’t have all these pesky necessities all over it, like the magazine’s title and contents.

Which segues nicely into a description of what actually lies inside. If I had to find a single thread uniting the coverage of While You Were Sleeping, it would be all manner of adultlescent fantasy and rebellion. No, that’s not a typo. I’m talking about all of us, er, you, who seem to be stuck with teen obsessions well into the age of your second mortgage. The cover subject is justified by a fairly even-handed interview with the comedian, but there’s also profiles of The Go-Go’s Jane Weidlin (with some great cheesecake photos), an adulatory interview with Neve Campbell, a truckstop trash pictorial of up-n-comer Taryn Manning, a delightfully fragmented interview with Daniel Johnston (along with a more illuminating profile and some great Johnston artwork), and more.

Tattoo artist profiles, photo shoots of graffiti art, an obituary for Tony Danza (no, he’s not dead yet), a Jello Biafra memorial for Joey Ramone, etc. etc. A pretty generous and diverse helping of commentary and images on four-color glossy… not exactly brain-busting, but definitely entertaining.

While You Were Sleeping: $20/6 issues (1 year) • http://www.whileyouweresleeping.com

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