Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

Humongously Yours

Thunder Quest

This is the single worst album I have ever heard in my life.

I guess I should tell you all the reasons, but it would give this CD more of my time and effort than it’s worth. So here are the facts: it’s Christian pseudo-power-pop-punk-funk, and it has “political” leanings, but those leanings are so asinine and/or offensive that I suspect that Satan must be behind it after all.

What kind of asshole equates the “tragedy” of Ruby Ridge with the beating of Rodney King to talk about the evils of the government? Well, a guy named Dave Pesnell, who calls himself “The Pezz” to make himself seem cool. He has a lot of songs that try to capitalize on anti-government sentiments among the God-loving youth of America, so I assume he’s talking about Clinton — and yeah, Clinton had his problems with power. But we have a new president now who’s making Clinton look like Abraham fuckin’ Lincoln, so it’s bouncing back on Mr. “Pezz” in a big way.

There is one other topic here, the goodness of God (“1-800-Dear-God”), but every single song is done poorly and manipulatively by grownups who should know better. This shit is toxic and an insult to Christians with brains. Everyone should stay away from it like it’s the anthrax spores that right-wingers are sending through the mail. (I have no proof of that.)

Let me reiterate that this is the worst CD I’ve ever heard. Now let me go bury it in my backyard, or send it in the mail to John Ashcroft or something.

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