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DJ Food & DK

Now, Listen!

Ninja Tune

Once again, it’s on. This label and its incomparable roster have yet to disappoint, weaving in and out of musical styles like a drunk driver on the Audubon. Culled from the initial Solid Steel DJ sets spearheaded by Ninja masters Coldcut, the reins are now handed over to sound pastiche impresarios DJ Food and DK on this official release. The art of mixing has proven to be anything but formidable, as these blokes drop the needle with the greatest of ease on a most impressive line-up of artists, including Jeru The Damaja, Boards Of Canada, Art Of Noise and The X-ecutioners.

Only time constraints limit the capabilities of this disc, as many of the more timeless, influential tracks get cut in half to segue into other, less pristine numbers. But there is nary a track on Now, Listen! that could even be considered week, due most in part to the impeccable flow from tune to tune. Another excellent release from a crew that may not always shine, but always stay solid.

Ninja Tune:

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