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The K.G.B.

The K.G.B.


If my occupation was a star in a constellation, we could get together in the milky way,” sings Toby on “Fortune And Fame,” which is possibly the cutest little tune this side of the moon – that is, until you hear “Lover Undercover” and “I’m A Player.” The K.G.B. isn’t just all fun and games, there are a few serious songs on the album, such as “Once Upon a Time,” “It’s Your World Babe,” and the drug insurance “In Case of a Bad Trip…” Finding a CD that you can put in and listen to all the way through is so amazing. The K.G.B.’s self titled second album is that and so much more – rock, pop, funk and soul all wrapped in California reggae paper and tied with a nice ’80s hits bow. Taking inspiration from Sublime, James Brown, The Fugees, Outkast, The Temptations, Squeeze, Beck, Cake, and The Beatles, The K.G.B. really do rock, and this is one group that you’re not going to want to forget, much less be able to.

The K.G.B.:

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