• Cake


    Jen Cray discovers that An Evening with Cake, while frought with some forgivable frontman soapboxing, is an evening well spent.

  • Mon Frere

    Mon Frere

    Real Vampires EP (Cake). Review by Aaron Shaul.

  • Josh Joplin Group

    The Future That Was (Artemis). Review by Sean Slone.

  • The Flaming Lips

    Steven Drozd, drummer from The Flaming Lips, opens up to Matt Cibula about that damn "Spiderbite Song" (hint: it wasn’t really a spiderbite after all), the success of Yoshimi, and why the real-live Yoshimi might have a reason to be pissed-off about the new record.

  • The 100th Monkey

    EP (self-released). Review by Bettie Lou Vegas.

  • Top 19 Songs On This Year’s Mix CD

    Every year, Sean Slone makes a mix CD that sums up the year in music. Here’s a look at the 19 tracks that make up this year’s mix.

  • Editor’s Choice: The Top 19 Albums of 2001

    Saving his own best for last, Ink 19 Editor-In-Chief Julio Diaz offers his list of the best albums 2001 had to offer. And the hits don’t stop ’til he gets to the top!

  • The K.G.B.

    The K.G.B. (Dreamworks). Review by Vanessa Bormann.

  • Visitor Jim

    Visitor Jim (Fortune). Review by Marcel Feldmar.

  • Cake

    Cake, with Drive By Truckers and The Josh Joplin Group at the On The Bricks Concert Series at Centennial Park in Atlanta, GA on July 27, 2001. Concert review by Roi J. Tamkin.

  • Clem Snide

    The Ghost of Fashion (spinART). Review by Julio Diaz.

  • Cake

    Comfort Eagle (Columbia). Review by Julio Diaz.

  • Cake

    Prolonging the Magic (Capricorn). Review by Julio Diaz

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