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The 100th Monkey



Hailing from Seattle, Washington, The 100th Monkey are purveyors of what can best be described as folk-hop. Mike Rivers’ tight acoustic guitars punctuate Johhny Gunn’s drums and Rob Aldinger’s strong bass, which in turn is peppered with DJ Cladd’s scratching. The group is completed with Kimo on saxophone, Brian Benning on keys and two vocalists – D. Devereau (aka Dave Da Dopeman) and Lorio G. While they cite Curtis Mayfield and A Tribe Called Quest among their influences, perhaps a comparison to Everlast’s solo work wouldn’t be too far off, with the trumpeter from Cake thrown in for good measure. Overall, this is a solid recording, however the choppy vocal delivery keeps me from truly enjoying it.

The 100th Monkey:

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