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Programmed To Love

Ministry of Sound

Bent soothes their way into a jaded genre, making new paths with artistic samples, outrageously catchy (yet very minimal) vocals, all done with their own style and music that’s a mix between downtempo, jazz, lounge, and indie rock. The group makes the world a better place, and their music lifts you into places that have been hidden in the mist of terrible music. You can’t escape the gravitational pull of the dreamy “Private Road,” the Daft Punk lite (with guitars and a little opera) “Cylons In Love,” Jill Scott shading “I Love My Man,” the way too hip roller coaster of style “I Remember Johnny,” the creepy “Swollen,” soundarific “Welly Top Mary,” urban chic “A Ribbon For My Hair,” almost folk rock “Invisible Pedestrian,” the faster, more fulfilling song about hair “A New Wig For Me,” the birdsong turned house with aria vocals “Always,” and the cool classical secret song with great writing (“I like the orange bowl/but not the irritating noises/I’m here to save the world”). Bent may be Programmed To Love, but they were made to make music, and this should go straight to the top of any 2001 list you encounter – wow.


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