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Con Dolore

This Sad Movie


Mournful sound of trains and crowds fade into the ache of a piano. Like The Rachels, like Godspeed, and then it moves into an electronic drone, brining in the music, the band, Con Dolore – “with grief,” and you can hear it in the shadows of the sounds. Kristy Moss, singing soft and seductive, moves between Hope Sandovaal and Sarah McLachlan, while Ed Ballinger, sharing some vocal duties, also lets the guitar slide like a slow Cocteau Twins dream. The keyboards and drum machines are used well, keeping within the structure of the songs, letting the human touch stay prominent. When the two voices harmonize, you can lose yourself in the melodics, never too harsh, and never overdone. Lounge electronica for the sad hipster, an indie soundtrack for a rainy day, and still you walk away smiling.


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