DJ Garfield

DJ Garfield

Garfield Signatures 01: House and Trance Revisited


To make the transition from DJ-ing weddings and bar mitzvahs to opening Essance UK in England (a top five club right up there with Gatecrasher and Ministry of Sound) and playing at world class clubs all over the globe, takes a mighty talented man. Young Garfield fell in love with DJ-ing at an early age, and the turntables haven’t left him since. Trying to keep trance pure art, DJ Garfield mixes songs like drinks.. A few tasty treats are “Tree (featuring Peter Ries)” by Tilman Uhrmacher, “Access” by Cosmosonic, “Mental Atmosphere” by Andura, and “Control” by Pro Tech (very “Planet Rock”). Saving the face of a slowing genre, DJ Garfield serves up the one and only trance CD that needs to be owned. Purely rave-a-licious.


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