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Peter Rauhofer / Pet Shop Boys

Break 4 Love

Star 69

One track: “Break 4 Love.” Remixed: eight times. If you are looking for some dance music, here it is. This features =B8ber-remixer and DJ Paul Rauhofer together with The Pet Shop Boys on a cover of Raze’s “Break 4 Love.” Although the first few mixes are fairly similar, with the vocals out front, the last half of the disc really picks up. The “Friburn and Urik” tribal mix starts off slow before it picks up, and the “USA Club” mix is smoking. The “Mike Monday Kit Kat Dub” has a smoother and more sensual beat than most of the others. The only drawback I can find is that these are all club mixes. So, don’t expect to find any deconstructed or radically reworked versions. But if you just want to hear some Pet Shop Boys, perhaps you should wait until their next release appears later this year.

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