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Park Avenue Music

To Take With You

Devil in the Woods / Sugar Free

Jeannette Faith and Wes Steed team up as Park Avenue Music, creating what can only be considered a delightful album in To Take With You. Citing such diverse influences as Holiday, Jobim, Holly, and Bjork, it’s quite amazing that this duo delivers such a pleasant, electronic sound. There’s a melodic, not-quite-brooding atmosphere to the subterfuged-beat album, and Faith’s vocals are sweet and fragile and whispery (almost like Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields, minus the psychosis). They combine to make a beautiful late-night tapestry of sound that can tuck you into bed or make that Chardonnay that much sweeter. While they do some quirky, interesting things with their effects, there’s a dreamy quality to the album that denies you access to the deeper layers of the Faith/Steed experience. Instead, it forces you to sit back, relax, and enjoy and stop thinking so damned much.

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