Maybe It’s Something We Don’t Have a Word For…

Pacific Force

The cavalcade of original smut from the world of Spit continues to yield interesting material. This latest album, a collection of collaborative work between Vinnie Spit and Claude (Batz Without Flesh) Willey spanning more than a decade. According to the liner notes, the artistic relationship between the two was the most important part of the entire Spit concept. In addition to convincing Vinnie Spit to spank people on stage, Claude Willey is both an excellent sound engineer and a promotional genius – without whom perhaps Spit wouldn’t be where it is today. Thus, as an historical work alone, Maybe It’s Something We Don’t Have a Word For… is worth investigating.

There are ten previously unavailable songs, including live performances as broadcast on WNYU in New York City and elsewhere, as well as a new song, “Adios Gringo!” – a very disturbing gothic-techno song about a new kind of skin disease. The songs on this album echo Mr. Spit’s techno/electronic side (as opposed to the X-rated swing he’s also known for), and are half pornography (well, “John Holmes is Dead” is all pornography), half biting, devastatingly intellectually, honest social commentary, sung by a man in possession of the most genuinely hostile vocal style on earth.

Spit: http//www.vinnieSpit.com

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