The Great Depression

The Great Depression

Heaven Is Becoming


The Great Depression has a sound uniquely all their own. Lush, ambient, and incredibly beautiful, at times they evoke Yo La Tengo in all their prettiness, or the atmospheres of Spiritualized. Especially on a track such as “Stainless,” they demonstrate that all those hours of listening to Eno and his ilk were not wasted.

While the press release indicates The Great Depression’s penchant for “satire and cultural critique,” these tendencies remain comfortably below the radar. Nothing ruins a good song so much as a postmodern critique or an ironic encouragement to praxis. Thankfully, these songs remain a comfortable narcotic, one that draws the listener in and bewitchingly captivates him or her under The Great Depression’s spell.

At only nine tracks that stretch to just under 45 minutes, one wishes that The Great Depression’s spell would last a little longer. Thankfully, there is already an EP and another full release record in the works.

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