Ceremony In Flames

Baphomet / Housecore

Fuck you all. This is what Slipknot should fucking well sound like. Wurdulak’s Ceremony In Flames is a ravaging herald of the talent that is gestating and mutating within the black-hearted confines of Phil Anselmo’s and Killjoy’s collaborative Baphoment/Housecore enterprise.

Wurdualk is, quite simply, a supergroup in the massive ’70s superstar sense of the word. Comprising the finest performers in all of black/death/thrash/gore/horror — Wurdulak lives up to the considerable hype that such an unholy alliance would generate. The principal players are Killjoy (Necrophagia), Maniac (Mayhem), Frediablo (Gorelord), Fug (Soul Forsaken), Jehmod (Bloodstorm), Iscariah (Immortal), and Ihizag (Perished). That’s three titan force guitar players, two of the more blood-throated and distinctive vocalists in metal today, and a tight fucking chainsaw rhythm section. Fuck yes! Ya wanna know something else, not only can they speed-thrash-death-grind you into a pulsating pulp, but they can fucking well rock you as well. Dirty leather rock. Grooving all over the goddamn place. Swaggering demons. The proof is in the pudding right off the fucking bat when Maniac and Killjoy trade off lyrics and try to outsicken each other, culminating in one of them holding a scream note for what must be at least a minute. Motherfucker. And then this sinister Hanoi Rocks riff crashes in. The hell? It made me want to kill babies. Wurdulak gets even darker from there, like a very drunk and pill-popping barfight between the Stooges (sans Iggy) and Morbid Angel with Maniac and Killjoy providing color commentary.

The Wurdulak beast simply fucking struts along, covered in tattoos, scars and Venom patches. Ceremony In Flames is so fucking perfect, it’s a drinking record, it’s an occult ceremony record, it’s a self-mutilation record, it’s a movie soundtrack — classic like Iron Maiden, yet fresh and new at the same time. All that and the most sacrilegious cover art of 2001! Please make Wurdulak a full-time project. How about a tour?

Baphomet / Housecore Records: http://www.baphomethousecore.com

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