The Blast Rocks

The Blast Rocks

Van Gogh’s, Pensacola, FL • February 13, 2002

Stopping by Van Gogh’s following cocktails with Miss Melissa Hills, I saw that bands were playing. The 8-Track Players were wrapping up their set as I came in. After a few minutes I saw a trio called The Blast Rocks setting up. When I saw them pull out Rubbermaid trashcans instead of a drum kit or keyboard stands, I knew something good could be coming, so I slipped out to get my camera out of the car.

When I got back in, it was time for The Blast Rocks to take off. Once they started, the line up of Nick Campbell on guitar, Sandra Yang on Casio keyboards, and Heather Anderson on percussion consisting of a Rubbermaid trashcan, a cookie tin, and a soda bottle duct taped to a trunk, shared vocals though a loopy set of songs. Great tunes about dating zombies, robots, and calling in sick to work had the crowd moving and grooving to the beat laid down on a trashcan. Sometimes you just dumb into a good show… don’t leave it to chance, go see The Blast Rocks!

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