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Sunset Magnetic North

Cooler Perspectives


If you’ve been looking for a continuous, smooth, soothing electronic disc with a ton of downtempo funk flavor, Sunset Magnetic North: Cooler Perspectives is your one way ticket to chillville. Featuring the totally icy “We” from Watershell, a reggae doused “Mossman Skank Remix” from Manasseh, the very similar “Mossman Zion Train Remix” from Zion Train, and of course, the original elongation of “Mossman” by Ekko. Also listen for Mayko’s sweetly dedicated and oriental “Skin as Soft as Moonlight,” which gives extra depth to an already deep electronic new age disc. Perfect for the music loving meditation enthusiast, this is great for not only watching the fireworks of nature but also experiencing them. If new age is getting to be too much, slow down and cool off in the glow of the most beautiful Sunset.


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