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Much like the Aussie team The Avalanches, Rae & Christian are extremely sample savvy. Effortlessly blending track into track, you’re in the seventh track before you realize the first song ever ended. The whole vibe on Anotherlatenight is that you start in the middle of a song and never quite ever finish one. While this may sound confusing and undesirable, it’s actually very amazing, and undoubtedly captivating. All the tracks are magnificent, but a few really grabbing ones are “Put That on My Momma” (Riton), “100 Million Ways” (Nash), “I Pink I’m Going Squezy” (Bushy vs. Sonic Boo), “Got to Be Me” (H20), “Mary Jane” (Rick James), and the classic “California Dreamin’” (Flamenco style by Jose Feliciano). This disc is irresistible, it’s addictive and consuming. Truth be told, it’s so powerful it should be available by prescription only. Hip-hop, dance floor, samba, and pop. Can it get better?

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