Headhunter Death Cult

Headhunter Death Cult

…And The Sky Turns To Black (The Dark Age Has Come)…

Mercenary Musik / World War III

Now this is really fucking weird. I’m listening to Headhunter Death Cult and suddenly in a flash I realize that in some alternate schema of reality this is the path that Sepultura could have taken after Morbid Visions. Think of it, after that seminal dardeath masterpiece, loyal legions would have been assaulted by THIS technical black mass and from there, who knows? My god, there would have been no Beneath The Remains or Arise (bad news). But then there would have been no Roots, no Ross Robinson, no Korn, no Limp Bizkit, no Soulfly, and no pitiful post-Max Sepultura. Sign me up, I like the way this is going!

I also like the Allen West school of lead guitar practiced herein. There’s also a nice, buzzing guitar tone and harsh, belching vocals that recall early Death and Sarcofago. Love the grind bits and crunch sections. According to some info I scared up, these guys have been together for 14 years. Fourteen years of music this fucking evil and they do a Sepultura cover (a grand version of “Morbid Visions,” if you must know)? Motherfucker, it should have been the other way around.

The most weirdly and artistically triumphant moment of the whole goddamn album is at the beginning of “Eternal Hatred,” when a furnace blast of guitar riffage is broken up by one second of cavernous silence and out of nowhere comes the crystalline sound of a triangle, and then everything goes all back to hell again. Let me reiterate — Headhunter Death Cult start off a song with a triangle. Balls the size of Rio, and of course there are big fucking pentagrams tattooed on each one.

As …And The Sky Turns To Black progresses, Headhunter Death Cult mature light years right in front of my ears, song structures beginning to stretch out and complicate, dynamics clashing and clawing at my inner ear, verses grow sharper fangs and claws. “Eternal Hate” and “Conflicts of the Dark and Light” are miniature death symphonies, with Wagner and Schuldiner slugging it out. Serious evolutionary growth here. This bodes quite well for the Brazilian death scene. The sound of a rabid third world rising up to kill.

World War III Music: http://www.ww3music.com • Headhunter Death Cult: http://www.headhunterdeathcult.hpg.com.br

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