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Omega Supreme: The Complete Collection: 1996-2001

Triple Crown

While Shockwave claims to be “more destructive than a bat to the head,” after listening to their newest release, Omega Supreme: The Complete Collection 1996-2001, you’re going to need a bat to the head just to get the nightmares to stop. That a record company would let a group of such untalented, Transformers– and identity-hiding-obsessed mental children put out not only records, but a collection of their greatest work, is proof that there really are a lot of stupid people in this world. Filled with uninteresting, overdone music, and yawn-inducing, growling “hardcore” lyrics should qualify this for Worst of the Year, easily. If you’re a member of this band you might be able to slightly appreciate or utilize the oozing musical wound that is Omega Supreme, but beyond that, it’s nothing but a lame attempt at being “hardcore.” From one song to the next, it’s nothing but auditory abuse in the most dishonorable way imaginable. From their hype to the lack of imagination it took to create this, one song slams into another and seriously, unless you’re into wasting money, don’t purchase this. No matter how awful they are, you can’t blame them for being discreet about their identities – I’d hide like hell if I were a part of this band.

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