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Controlled Bleeding

Can You Smell the Rain Between

Tone Casualties

Although the name Controlled Bleeding has been tossed around like a salad in underground music circles the last few years, it constantly flew right over my head. The name instantly dredges up notions of dated, generic industrial or low-rent death metal. But those preconceived ideas were swept under the rug once the dark ambient strains of “Red Hands Waiting” arise from out of nowhere.

An assorted blend of musique concrete, free jazz, and interlaced spurts of random noise, Can You Smell the Rain Between reads like the revised avant garde textbook for the 21st century. Little does it wander from the beaten path of instrument tuning, be-bop gouging, and symphonic dirge. But within this cacophony lies the familiar scent of influences like Melt Banana and John Zorn. This is cross-pollination at near extreme levels, where the hybrid is undefinable, schizophrenic, and yet most importantly, blistering fun. A true bizarre ride to the far side, Contolled Bleeding’s latest leaps far and hides from its more structured past to sculpt one of the most malignant, expansive records of the 21st century. Listener beware.

Tone Casualties:

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