When In Rome


“When In Rome” is an attempt at 311 funk, with plenty of screaming and good old classic rock guitar work — all in all, not horrible, but also not anything you’d want to hear again. “Balls Deep” has the same basic sound as the third track, “All We Need is a Girl” (which appears to be the theme song for lonely masturbating men). In general, Supagroup is Supabad. This is the type of music that you’d hear at a seedy bar that even the locals won’t go into. In that sort of place, these guys would be worshipped. It’s love music for the un-studly, for those who think they’re younger than they really are, and for guys who hit on their daughter’s girlfriends — this would be THE band. You may ask how one can conclude these things from three simple vinyl tracks, and if you’re asking, then you’ve never heard When In Rome. If you’re still questioning this after you’ve listened to the record, then you’re probably in one of the above categories, and that explains everything.

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