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Immortal Unholy Triumph

Mercenary Musik / World War III

Nephash are also one of the forerunners of the new Cool Brazilia sound. It’s Britpop or Tropicalia all over again, just with better music, more pentagrams, and longer hair. Nephash shared space with Headhunter Death Cult on the now-infamous Brazilian Assault compilation put out by Relapse Records, and with Immortal Unholy Triumph, they’re out to fully capitalize on their initial exposure.

Now first off, I need to say that Nephash just aren’t as good as the mighty Headhunter Death Cult. Instead of utilizing differing shades of light and dark sound and more progressive (though still perverted) song elements, Nephash go for the most direct path, a spurt of sickly black blood.

Songs race by, with all of the precision and deadly purity of a white-hot scalpel slashing at the jugular vein. Nephash head down the straightforward path of speedblurdeath metal, flattening everything in its path to charred ruins. Blast beat overload, guitars speeding along like angry wasps, and feral lycanthropic vocals. Coupled with a surprisingly clean lead guitar sound that invokes demons as once did Trey Azagthoth. In fact, Morbid Angel looms large as a guiding influence, as does early Suffocation and a little Darkthrone. Oh yeah, and obviously Morbid Visions-era Sepultura and Sarcofago. The forefathers must be given their proper due, before the likes of Nephash aim a gun to the back of their heads and fire away indiscriminately. Blood and brain matter is everywhere. Perhaps you decide to eat it… no wait, that was Mayhem. Simple, direct, and evil. That’s the Nephash sound.

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