“Orisinal is not responsible for any damages (including time loss) due to using the website.” –Orisinal disclaimer

Well, I’m out of luck, then, because I’ve already lost quite a bit of time because of this site, and I only discovered it three days ago. Orisinal features some of the cutest original Flash games I’ve ever seen. The games range in from sweet and simple like “Apple Season,” in which the object is to catch as many apples as you can in a basket within a time limit, to “Swordsman,” a game pitting a samurai against various foes. My favorite is “Bum Bum Koala,” which features a koala using his hind end to bump snails off his trees.

The style of the animation can best be described as Asian-influenced “cute,” even the games that feature exploding things, like the robot in “M-017 Metal Armor.” Some games are a bit mischievous, like “Snowbowling,” in which the player tries to tag passing ice skaters at a pond with snowballs. Others are quirky, like “Penguin Panic,” where the player tries to calm panicked penguins by freezing them in blocks of ice.

It isn’t all games though. Orisinal features original “experiments” in animation, effects, and text effects. “Flowers” is a virtual garden where you can pick the flowers in, arrange them in a vase, and send the arrangement to someone via e-postcard. “Rain” features the corner of a soothing meditation garden complete with a rain shower and quiet guitar music. There’s also a trailer for the site, and even its guestbook is Flash-based, again, with very cute Asian-inspired characters for each entry. Visit Orisinal, but be warned, you will lose a lot of time here.

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