Boston’s Chauncey touches power pop perfection with this album’s opening track, “You,” a glorious sing-along moment, all jangling guitars, layered production, and an effortlessly strong lead vocal. It’s blue-eyed innocence coupled with tear-jerking intensity, a light chorus teaming up with deep sentiments, and as such it does whatever it is that pop music should do, and what, say, Big Star never could fail to do even if they tried. And while the rest of the album cannot possibly live up to that first amazing track, there are still more great songs and energetic performances here than anyone could reasonably expect. The Chiltonesque changes of “Robot,” the Supergrass punk that is “Rent,” the anthemic “Release The Sun”/”Sun.” At its best, it’s so immediately accessible that you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s banal or even irrelevant, but live with it, let it seduce you with its own discrete charms, and this could prove to be a far more remarkable album than it itself would ever admit to. Modest power pop brilliance.


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