DJ Enrie

DJ Enrie

Welcome to the Mix Show


…3…2…1… And now, for your musical pleasure, representin’ Los Angles California, Moonshine recording artist, DJ Enrie!” The mad house disc starts off with a scarily convincing, space shuttle-worthy countdown and leads into “The Beat Goes On” (DJ Enrie and George Centeno), which is a light and energetic, perfect opening song. Later, we hear the awesome “Can’t Fight the Funk” and “Gimmie That Funk” (Dave Armstrong), the latter of which is the first single from the former radio DJ, and will be released on 12-inch vinyl as well. “Ancient Myth” (Mac Zimms) is a fast paced, almost Daft Punk-sounding tune with boundless sound effects. It’s a little like dancing to the noise your computer makes when you sign online, only thankfully, better. The best track on Welcome to rhe Mix Show, “Darkness Falls” (Filter Science) puts to shame all the DJs that don’t put their hearts into their work. If you listen well, you can catch a slow beat deep inside the faster one and an even faster one inside the slow beat. It’s a web of rhythm that will leave your head in a different place then it was when the song began. That actually pertains to the disc in its entirety — slow dancers need not apply, in other words. Fast, good house stewed to perfection by DJ Enrie’s years in radio mix shows and more recent discovery of how little house music on the market was actually his style.

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