Sing The Real


Two years ago, salsa was America’s number one selling condiment, and the Spanish influence on our country surely didn’t begin or end there. The self proclaimed Los Angeles “Afro-Chicano” band Quetzal (named after the ancient, exotic bird that resisted captivity) is one of the newest and most anticipated of these influences, and their Vanguard debut Sing The Real is so complete and masterfully done that they might as well just forget that there’s such a thing as competition. From the frantic and jazzy “The Social Relevance of Public Art” to the amazing “20 Pesos,” with its odd light jazz/R&B flavor and Jill Scott-worthy vocals, to the totally Spanish “Mia.” Whether you understand the language or not (only about half is in English), Sing The Real has voice and personality that transcends languages and leaves only music that is as smart as it is moving. No matter if you tango or nap to the tunes of Quetzal you won’t be able to get them out of your head.

Vanguard Reccords: http://www.vanguardrecords.com

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