The Medea Connection

The Medea Connection

The Bell Ringer

Cote 681

This quartet has an almost late ’70s rock sound on the first track, “Through The Fields,” but then comes “Spectral Halos,” the second track, and the sound is definitely punk-influnced. The title track is the hardest, and then the fourth track, “Together We Explode” (about seeing a fan’s reaction to the music and the connction they shared) is very lyrically driven, with generic rock undertones. “Totality” features Type O Negative-like vocals, “Mind Control” is a cool retro punk flavored tune about mind control, of course, and “Part The Sky” is a contemporary rock song about changing the world. “Work” is cool, grinding, and pulsating, “Infinte Space” has a wonderful message (“The Mystery of death/reminds us of/the miracle of life“) in an odd package, and the beautiful “Before The Ceremony” ends things nicely. If anyone ever had any questions as to the genre of the Boston Medea Connection, the booklet clearly states: “The Media Connection is a rock and roll band… to be played at maximum volume.” I don’t think they’re going to have many people argue with that. They are indeed rock n’ roll and the quirky self produced sound that only lack of publicity can give a group is so powerful it’s almost scary.

The Medea Connection:

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