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Quango Records boasts that they offer “Music for the Global Culture,” and on Electronica, this is more than evident. From the kickoff by John Belram with “Soft Summer” (a literally fast and kindly pulsating drum tune) to the intermission by Move D “Beyond The Machine” (more New Age, a tad South African sounding) to the grand finale “La Nuit (slumber mix)” by Bochum Welt (the dreamiest of dreamy – absolute ambient). The majority of the other tracks, by artists such as Blueshif (“Heaven 270”), Pub (“Summer – Arovane Mix l”) and Cim (“Shif”) follow along the lines of the others. However as the label promises, there is an unexplainable “World” feel to the artistry displayed here. Wonderful new ambient CD with a little more vibe than is normally expressed.

Quango Records:

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