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Aptly titled Hello, this three-song introduction is all that one needs to make a yes or no decision about the purchase of Greenwheel’s full-length, due out sometime in 2002. “Strong” is your typical alternative/angst rock song, “Dim Halo” showcases Brandon Armstrong’s Ed (Live) Kowalczyk-like voice, and “Faces,” the smartest track, is borderline Incubus. Greenwheel feels perfectly set for radio play. It’s not good or bad, but in the case of music, neutral often translates roughly into forgotten. With the success of Hoobastank – who are also on Island Records – Greenwheel seems like an afterthought, if a thought at all. If the debut full-length fills in the gaps of predictability in their writing, the group’s available talent will shine through. So, with that, lets wait a little while longer before we exactly say “goodbye” to Greenwheel, but for the record, first impressions are hard to change.

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