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Around The House


To further capitalize on UK producer Matthew Herbert’s phenomenally successful Bodily Functions (which topped everybody’s “Best Of” lists last year), !K7 has decided to release his first album, Around the House, stateside. If you need any more proof that this man is a talent, this disc will definitely convince you. If it doesn’t, you need to stick with jamming to Lawrence Welk.

This disc starts off with the ethereal funk seduction of “So Now,” with partner-in-crime Dani Siciliano’s haunting vocals, which will have you autistically affixed to the “repeat” button. It’s followed up by the mellow 2step of the title track. 2step sprinkles its infectious groove all over the disc. “Going Round” is a dancefloor must. There’s also the enjoyable “Close To Me.” Then, Siciliano appears again in abstracted form with “We Still Have (The Music)” and the deep house cut, “This Time.” And just as with his sound experiments in Bodily Functions, Herbert takes a haunting, cerebral trip “In The Kitchen.” This is a thoroughly enjoyable disc that entertains, pushes the envelope, and firmly places Matthew Herbert in the top ranks of the world’s producers.

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