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Le Hammond Inferno

My First Political Dance Album


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we take our popular music too damned seriously. Well, the true import of the subject matter (usually sex, “love,” dancing, and having a good time) is fraught with such gravity, we cannot help the dour visages we adopt when discussing the philosophical and psychological significance of pop.

That’s when an album like My First Political Dance Album comes along to slap the pretension out of your ass, tickle your funny bone, and put the boogie in your butt. It’s a fun album with a peculiar bounce to it that somehow avoids the most tired cliches of dance music. Meanwhile, it’s full of quirky lyrics that simply make you groan (“An apple a day keeps windows away”), scratch your head in confusion (“The Chairman Mao of the disco sound”), or chuckle (“Your mouth enhanced with Photoshop_, your body_ Freehand 5; I had to download you directly, on my floppy drive”), or, perhaps, groan again.

Le Hammond Inferno has created an album that does not take itself too seriously and makes you realize that it’s a good thing to not be guilty of oneself. It’s a fun album that can be enjoyed on various levels – like any of the greatest works of art stretching from Antiquity through the Enlightenment into our own Postmodernist reality.

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