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Tank Farm

Not to be confused with The Nice, this is simply Nice, consisting of three brothers and a friend making instantly hummable yet easily forgettable pop/rock in the middle-of-the-road kind of territory, and then releasing it on their own Tank Farm Records. The mention of their name in print will forever be haunted by a parenthesis going “(pronounced ‘neese’),” and if that is a poor claim to fame, then hey, it’s still better than no claim at all. Part Weezer, part The Beautiful South, Nice haven’t really got the style of either, plus songs that are too generic for their own good. It’s definitely not bad, though, only a tad pointless – but that shouldn’t stop them from gaining loads of airplay and decent sales. There’s even the odd redeeming standout track, such as the sweet “Tidal Wave” and the fine “Four Aces,” but all in all, it’s far too self-effacing, bland, and sugarcoated to really garner much interest.


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