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Good Looking

Having recently fallen deeply out of love with LTJ Bukem and the atmospherics thing in general, it has taken me way too long to revisit this album (my first reaction upon receiving it being, “Ah, Bukem’s bitch”). With that confession, I’m sure you’re expecting my dunk-in-the-river conversion and my becoming a born-again drum n’ basser. However, it just ain’t happening. It’s just that atmospherics tends to rely too heavily upon cliché. Like a Jerry Bruckheimer film, you know exactly where the songs are going two minutes into the thing. And, if there is any originality displayed in the overture, it’s pounded out of the song by its incredible, monotonous length (with songs generally lasting around eight minutes). This most definitely works on the dancefloor but leads to boredom in any other circumstance. It is not until Nookie briefly leaves the genre (with “My Lovin'” and “Stepping Back”) that one can discern any modicum of talent the man may have. But that is not until the end of the disc — when it is most definitely too late.

Good Looking:

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