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Ray Mason Band

Three Dollar Man


For every over-hyped, MTV-pimped goof who’s getting by on stolen chords and arrest records, there are ten guys with beat up guitars making real music for real people. Ray Mason is one of these folks. All he’s done since 1983 is release high-quality, infectiously happy pop music. But since he’s not running around wrecking cars or making videos with his shirt off, you probably haven’t heard of him. Your sincere loss. Three Dollar Man is his seventh CD release, and the only thing bad about it you can say is that it’s too short. Ray and his beat-to-crap Silvertone guitar play music along the lines of your Tommy Womacks and Marshall Crenshaws – you know, sorta pop, sorta roots music. “You’ll Never Play Here Again” will ring true to anyone who has suffered at the whims of a clubowner, and the title cut sounds like a smooth Steely Dan outtake. Support the art of people like Ray Mason, and let the little girls keep Creed in sports cars, how about?

Ray Mason:

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