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3rd Degree

Radio 7


Inoffensive pop-rock from pretty-boys 3rd Degree, aimed directly at radio, and sounding like everyone and no one in particular. Vocalist and songwriter Jon Paul Johnson has got a fine voice that slips into a falsetto at the drop of a dime, while the band are certainly competent enough, but you’d be hard pressed to find anything on here that’s engaging or exciting or even mildly inviting. It’s music for the malls of the world, and as such it works like a charm, but it does leave you hungry for something a bit off-center, something that doesn’t think that the middle road is the only road, and something that speaks with a voice of its own. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they managed to score a Top 40 sometime in the future, but if they plan on sticking around for some time, they might as well try to make things a bit more interesting both for us and for themselves.

3rd Degree:

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