Henry & Louis Meet Blue & Red in Kingston 20 JA

Henry & Louis Meet Blue & Red in Kingston 20 JA

Time Will Tell


Henry and Louis (Andy Scholes and Jack Lundie) met up with Blue and Red (basically Rob Smith of Smith & Mighty fame) in Bristol and had a brilliant idea: why not produce a bunch of tracks in England and then go down to Jamaica to get some of their heroes to bless the tracks with their vocals? A daunting task (since they contacted no one ahead of time), but well worth the effort. Time Will Tell is one of the best dub discs I’ve ever heard. These three guys lay down some deep music with sublime grooves. Webster’s needs to invent new superlatives to properly describe this disc. Every song is a potential classic. As a testament to its power, the roster of vocalists is equally impressive: Tony Tuff, Kerosene Oil, Ghadian, Ben Dice, Tippa Irie, Prince Green, Preddi, Daddy Ants, Pacey, and the legendary Willie “Armagideon Times” Williams (who actually lays down two tracks). If you are at all interested in dub, I implore you to check out this disc. Your life will be somewhat lessened if you do not. Seriously. I stopped playing the lottery because this album is now in my collection.

BSI Records: http://www.bsi-records.com

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