Lollipop Lust Kill

Lollipop Lust Kill

My So Called Knife


Thick and sludgy, Lollipop Lust Kill harness the disenchanted energy of the Midwest into a package certain to appeal to fans of bands like Tool, Sevendust, Orgy, Slipknot, and their ilk. While not necessarily a convention-shattering album by any means, for what it is, it holds up well. This is an album certain to appeal to the demographic that appreciates loud and hard music about inflicting bodily harm with a penchant for melody. Sadly, the album draws on longer than can be supported, and without a bit of humor to offset the gratuitous sense of violence and exploitation, it descends into a campy type of shock-rock. This is one of those releases certain to divide the metal camp into the true and nu-metal factions.

Lollipop Lust Kill:

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