Simply Jeff

Simply Jeff

Breakbeat Massive


L.A.’s Simply Jeff can break a beat, snap it in two, bloody its nose, and take its wallet. Unfortunately, through most of this disc, you feel as though he’s picking on a middle-aged beat. A large portion of Breakbeat Massive has the uncanny ability to knock your ass 20 years back in time. Suddenly, you feel like you’re in your shiny sweatsuit, with your baseball cap twisted to the side, and there’s nothing between you and your rival gang except a large piece of cardboard on the sidewalk and Re-Run singing, “Rock, rock, Planet Rock… don’t stop.” If you understand this reference, you know I’m breakin’ on an electric boogaloo flashback. If not, then the music on this disc will be fresh and innovative. Don’t get me wrong, you can dance to this stuff. Hell, we all love Afrika Bambaata, right? At least we did back in ’84. Fortunately, for everyone involved, the disc isn’t totally ’80s. But, by the time the continuous mix somehow makes its way to the present day, I can’t get the foul taste of New Coke out of my mouth.

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