Sweet 16s Turned 31

Sweet 16s Turned 31

A Tribute to Bob Seger


If you are anything like me, you have been bombarded with so much FM “Classic Rock” that there are certain songs you could live the rest of your life without ever hearing again. These are songs that you once enjoyed, but have been burned out on by heavy rotation. For me, a lot of those songs are by Bob Seger. So, when I saw Sweet 16s Turned 31 was coming out with new interpretations of four of his classics, I thought this might bring new enjoyment to old songs that I otherwise try to avoid.

I was wrong.

[DARYL] covers “Mainstreet,” and they do an OK job, especially with the signature guitar hook, but all of the longing and uncertainty of the original is lost in the translation from barroom ballad to pseudo-pop wannabe single. Saraswati’s cover of “I Feel Like a Number” starts out depressingly downbeat and descends into an unrecognizable mess. The Hillary Step whine through a version of “Against The Wind” that always seems to be off-tempo. Sweep the Leg Johnny does an intimate acoustic take on “Night Moves” that almost sounds interesting at times, but ultimately never quite achieves anything unique or memorable.

All in all, it was an interesting way to get four previously unknown bands together for some exposure. If you like the type of music Kevin Smith picked for his early films (Girls Against Boys, Weezer, Love Among Freaks), these bands might appeal to you. If you like cover tunes that go in drastically different directions, this EP might appeal to you. However, if you like your tributes to bear some resemblance to the original, definitely sample this one before you buy it.

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