Tiger Saw

Tiger Saw

Blessed Are the Trials We Will Find


Quietly disturbing slow-core from Dylan Metrano and his Tiger Saw. Lazily drifting melodies turn eerie when the constant repetitions become haunting structures, and the whispered vocals keep questioning whether the stories they tell are grounded in reality or dreams. Juliet Nelson shares vocals with Metrano, and the duets between the two are among the finest moments here. Subtle use of instruments like cello, viola, air organ, e-bow, and baritone guitar add depths and nuances to the deliberately monotonous proceedings. Some of the tracks are improbably beautiful — the instrumental “Aili” being a particularly fine example — and even though a couple of the tracks merely drag along, offering little in the way of either movement or intensity, this is a promising album that any fan of Low or even Cowboy Junkies would be well-advised to check out.

Kimchee Records: http://www.kimcheerecords.com

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