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In Our Gun


When Gomez entered the scene with Bring It On in 1998, we here in the States reacted as we do to much of the over-hyped, heralded for simple normalcy Britcrap – we basically ignored them. No matter that the group was leagues away from the brothers Oasis and not as effected with the “mope factor” that colors so much of the UK’s output. Now, four years later and on their third studio release, Gomez is still one of the more engaging and talented groups out there, but it is doubtful that they will achieve any greater acclaim here than before.

Which is truly a shame, for the band is a soulful, funky amalgamation of everything from Radiohead (particularly the opener, “Shot Shot”) to The Band. Featuring multiple lead singers, great production sense and above average songwriting, Gomez stands out as a real musical group, not just a collection of pretty faces or a handful of radio-friendly songs. While all the songs here are good, as always, when vocalist Ben Ottewell sings the lead, they go from good to great. Simply put, he’s today’s Van Morrison – overwhelmingly soulful, expressive, and real.

Gomez has yet to make a breakout album – Bring It On stood out because it was new, but In Our Gun, while entirely enjoyable, shows that the band hasn’t yet hit the “wow” factor- but all the tools are here. One day this band will be legendary.


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