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The Waybacks

Burger After Church

Fiddling Cricket

I’m a fool for a mandolin. The fact that this band has two was certainly a plus in my book. I would’ve probably found it listenable – or at least tolerable – no matter what their style turned out to be. As it turned out, it’s really hard for me to say that any one song or group of songs here would define The Waybacks’ style. On a couple of cuts I heard a solid jug music band – a feel not unlike that of John Sebastian’s J-band. In other songs, they impart to a thankfully-restrained Celtic feel. They even offer up a little jazz along the way. The mandolin work is very sophisticated and delicate. The influences seem to be somewhat “old school” – as in Django Reinhardt or Jethro Burns – as opposed to a more hard-driving and rowdy style like Bill Monroe would exhibit on occasion. This band has a wealth of talent and could successfully veer off in any number of directions with their craft. I’m already looking forward to hearing more from this band.

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