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When Do We Start Fighting…

Infectious / Nettwerk

Having survived the regular hype-them-and-drop-them run of the British music weeklies a couple of years back, Seafood return with what may be their finest album yet, a surprisingly diverse and inclusive collection of poppy indie rock. While their sort of multi-layered and superbly crafted pop has more than a little in common with bands like Eskobar and – for their playfulness – They Might Be Giants, Seafood are hard to pinpoint, and listening to this album often feels like a game of spot-the-influence. A bit of Pavement here, some Talking Heads there, Flaming Lips, Radiohead, The Pixies. And that’s only the beginning of it. One of many highlights is the stunning “What May Be the Oldest,” a duet with Madder Rose’s Mary Lorson, while other stand-out tracks include the power-pop single “Cloaking” and the fantastic opening track, “Splinter.” A furious but always melodic bite, clever lyrics and a fundamental unpredictability make this album a surprising high point in their career, one that sees them drag club-sized lo-fi pop all the way to the stadiums before they return safely back home again.

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