• Chico Mann

    Chico Mann

    Analog Drift (Wax Poetics Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Concrete Blonde

    Concrete Blonde

    Concrete Blonde’s Johnette Napolitano is one of the most underrated female rock singers of the past 20 years, with a powerful voice that rips your heart out at will. May Terry saw the band and looks for the suture kit to restitch her chest.

  • Commando :  The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone

    Commando : The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone

    Johnny Ramone was the leader of greatest punk rock band America ever had. His story is like their music- short, aggressive and unflinching. James Mann gives it a Gabba Gabba Hey!

  • Morningbell


    Sincerely, Severely (Orange Records). Review by Jeff Schweers.

  • I Need That Record!

    I Need That Record!

    Brendan Toller’s documentary mixes interviews and animation to explain the death of the independent record store. Scott Adams comments on the eulogy.

  • Fela Kuti Lives

    With over 40 albums and an unassailable legacy as the originator of one of Africa’s most popular and enduring sounds, the job of curating Fela Kuti‘s catalog for the 21st century is a difficult and enviable task. Ink 19 dives into the Knitting Factory’s Chop n’ Quench, Fela’s first nine albums re-released, and gives a heads up on the Na Poi set of albums due to drop on May 11.

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